DAS: Direct Access Training


Once you have your CBT Certificate further training is essential before you attempt your motorcycle tests. If you want to obtain your full motorcycle licence, the size of motorcycle you will ride will depend on your age.


If you are under 19 you will carry out this training and test on a machine of 125cc. The tests are exactly the same but you will be restricted to riding a 125cc machine only.


If you are 19 years old or over you will carry out your road training on a larger machine of 500cc or 600cc and achieve your A2 or A catagory licence depending on your age.


At Phoenix we conduct this training on a maximum of two-to-one ratio, concentrating on teaching you to cope with everyday road and traffic conditions as well as preparing you to pass the riding test.


You will need to have passed the Motorcycle Theory Test before taking the practical test.


The practical test is now conducted in two modules



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